collaborate. How can we provide full service design, marketing and communication services? We partner with a select group of talented specialists. 

Cori Chavez, Cori Chavez LLC / Web Development
Cori Chavez helps entrepreneurs build websites and their businesses. Cori provides WordPress websites, marketing direction and a sense of empowerment for clients by educating them in the intimidating areas of website development, digital media and marketing.

Lisa McAlister, With Good Cause / Cause PR, Marketing + Content
Provides content, public relations campaign strategy, and communications plans to corporate and non-profit clients. Her expertise includes community engagement, mission-driven campaigns, media relations, project management and special programming promotion. Her passion for helping nonprofits, businesses and people of influence to impact social change for good is the driving force behind her work.

Jarrod Weaton, Weaton Digital / Product Imagery
A boutique studio specializing in creating product images that sell. Weaton Digital provides imaging services to businesses for tech stories, product visualizations, and advertising.

Lisa Truesdale / Freelance Writer
As a full-time freelancer for more than two decades, Lisa is highly experienced in a little bit of everything—copywriting, feature writing, blogging, editing, proofreading, and social media. She writes for dozens of print and online publications on a variety of topics, from travel, tourism, food, and drink to home and garden, health, wellness, and sports.

Heather Munro, Heather Munro Creative / Copywriting
It’s her job to come up with copy that speaks to the hearts and minds of our clients’ target audience. Heather has been writing for brands big and small—and across a variety of industries—for more than 20 years. She knows what to ask even if you aren’t sure what your current copy is missing.

Paul Lonnegren, Pulse8 PR / Tech PR, Marketing + Content
With only senior-level professionals, Pulse8 PR stands out by leveraging decades of experience to provide exceptional value and deep expertise, focusing on these industries: Engineering/consulting (water, power, oil & gas, mining, renewable energy), Smart cities/utilities,  Telecom/mobile, Public safety, Unmanned autonomous vehicles/drones, IoT/big data, Cybersecurity, IT, Software, and Transportation.